See more pictures of yolo actor Aaron Adatsi’s son (photos)

For the first time, Ronny Junior, the son of actor Aaron Adatsi and his lovely fiancée Eyram, has had his face shown on social media.

Adatsi and Eyram took to social media to post images of their baby in honor of the actor’s birthday.

The photographs elicited a wide range of emotions from followers, with many noticing similarities between the father and his son. Aaron Adatsi, a Ghanaian actor best known for his role as Cyril in the YOLO series, is a happy guy today.

He turned a year old today, and he can’t stop smiling. The actor took to social media to post a beautiful shot.

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Adatsi was wearing a kaftan in the shot, which was uploaded on Adatsi’s Instagram page, while Ronny Junior was dressed casually in a sweatshirt and sneakers.

Ronny Junior, Aaron Adatsi’s kid, turns one today @iamaaronadatsi, @ its eyramgh Instagram is the source.
Ronny’s face is shown in the first shot.

Adatsi smiled at his kid as he held him in his arms and lifted him up. The youngster was looking at the camera with one of his fingers in his mouth.

The photograph is the first to reveal Ronny Junior’s face, and he appears to have grown into a lovely young man.