Sarkodie In Tears As His Diss Track “Try Me” Against Yvonne Nelson Deleted From Apple Music And Spotify

– Sarkodie’s diss track against Yvonne Nelson removed from music platforms
– Yvonne Nelson releases memoir detailing Sarkodie’s abandonment
– Book sparks online discussions and references various individuals
– Sarkodie’s “Try Me” song defends his side of the story
– Backlash against the song leads to its removal from Apple Music and Spotify

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– BET Award-winning artist, Sarkodie’s recent diss track against Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has been taken down from two major music platforms in Ghana.
– Yvonne Nelson recently released her memoir, “#IAmNotYvonneNelson,” where she reveals how Sarkodie abandoned her after getting her pregnant.
– The book’s shocking revelations and references to various individuals have ignited online conversations.
– In her memoir’s Chapter 8, Yvonne recounts her decision to terminate the pregnancy due to Sarkodie’s refusal to take responsibility. She later discovers that he had another girlfriend studying abroad, which led to his rejection.
– Opinions on the matter are divided, with the majority of Ghanaians on social media blaming Yvonne Nelson for her past dealings with Sarkodie that led to the abortion.

# Sarkodie’s Defense with “Try Me” Song

– In response to the allegations, Sarkodie releases a diss track called “Try Me,” where he aims to explain his side of the story.
– However, the song receives significant backlash after its release.
– As a result, the track has been removed from Apple Music and Spotify, leaving fans shocked and disappointed.

In conclusion, the fallout from Yvonne Nelson’s memoir continues to unravel as Sarkodie’s diss track is removed from major music platforms. The book’s revelations and the subsequent release of “Try Me” have sparked intense discussions and divided public opinion. With the removal of the song, fans are left wondering about the implications for both Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson in the ongoing saga.


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