Rich wife of Keche Andrews’, Joana gives birth and drops photo of the bouncy baby girl (photo)

Keche Andrew’s wife, a Ghanaian artist, has released a photo of a newborn girl named after her.

She was pleased when she typed the girl’s complete name in the description, Joana Nkunim Gyan Agyei-Frimpong.

Joana Gyan initially did not specify when she published the first photo to congratulate the birth, and many people assumed it was her first kid with Keche.

Andrew Keche’s wife is ecstatic at the birth of a newborn girl named After her, her admirers congratulated her.
Joana Gyan, the infant, and Keche Andrew in a collage.

As a result of the many calls she was receiving, Joana may have chosen to set the record straight that she was not the biological mother of the kid.

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Joana Gyan’s photo has sparked outrage among fans.

The snapshot elicited a flood of replies from admirers, with the vast majority of those who replied complimenting her.

“That’s my son,” I say.

check the post.

gloriaosarfo: “Wooooooow a big Congratulations superwoman We Thank God for this special bundle of joy.

freshbeegh“Newborn king more wisdom.”

bayonagh_: “Congrats.”

dahanalove“Wow congratulations.”





ephia_papabi: “Welcome baby girl.”

amalipsy11: “Congratulations Mummy.”

maameabenayeboahnyarko: “Welcome sis.”