Rev. Owusu Bempah Was My Partner In Fraud, I Gave Him Over Ghc 1m From ‘Sika Gari’ – Nana Agradaa Discloses

Evangelist Mama Pat, formerly known as Agradaa, has recently made shocking revelations about preacher Owusu Bempah, accusing him of being her partner in fraud.

Agradaa, who used to operate a business that promised to double people’s money through her ‘sika gari’ gods, claims that she used to give Owusu Bempah a substantial amount of money every week from her fraudulent activities. She alleges that she would give him around Ghc 20,000 per week, as they worked together in their illegal endeavors.

Agradaa, who now claims to be born again and a preacher, has expressed her anger towards Owusu Bempah due to current issues she is facing with him.

She is demanding a refund of the money she had given him over the years. It is worth noting that Agradaa’s business was notorious for defrauding Ghanaians and she would often resort to using her bodyguards to intimidate and harass those who tried to reclaim their money.

Surprisingly, despite her criminal activities, Agradaa appears to have been forgiven by the Ghana Police as she now claims to have found redemption in her newfound faith. However, the revelation about Owusu Bempah being her partner in crime has left many stunned. It raises questions about the integrity of religious leaders and the extent of their involvement in fraudulent activities.

This revelation has once again highlighted the need for stricter regulations and monitoring in the country. It is concerning that individuals like Agradaa were able to defraud people for years without facing significant consequences. The fact that she now claims a prominent man of God was her partner in crime adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

Overall, the recent exposé by Evangelist Mama Pat, formerly known as Agradaa, and her accusations against preacher Owusu Bempah have shaken the nation. It serves as a reminder that even those who are expected to uphold moral values can be involved in deceitful practices. The Ghanaian society must reflect on this incident and work towards creating a more transparent and accountable environment.


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