Reasons Why Tracey Boakye Takes Her Nanny With Her When Traveling Abroad Revealed (Watch Video)

Ghanaian actress, film producer, and entrepreneur Tracey Boakye is widely recognized for her affectionate relationship with the nanny of her children.

She has constantly showcased the young lady, even treating her to vacations alongside her kids. Tracey has openly praised the nanny’s dedication and expressed how she has been a blessing to her and her children.

Originally from Kumasi, the young lady was brought in to assist with household chores and childcare. Over time, a strong bond has formed between her and the children, with the kids eagerly anticipating spending time with her.

To show her gratitude, Tracey arranged an all-expenses-paid trip to Germany for the nanny and the children to enjoy.

A young man, impressed by the nanny’s ability to keep secrets, commended her, noting that if it were someone else, the world would have known every detail about Tracey Boakye’s household.

Watch the video below;


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