Prostitutes Strip Themselves In A Video As They Fight Over A Rich Customer

It happens that these practices is widely practice in some states even though it is prohibited.

A video fast-spreading and grabbing the attention on social media has some commercial s3x workers (prostitutes) engaged in a serious fight over a customer Okeira, Ogba, Lagos.

reports have it that, the fight resulted after they got into an argument over a rich customer who showed up that night.

One of the ladies claimed that the rich customer was her’s since she has been offering the man her services for more than months now. The other lady whom the man approached first wasn’t willing to give in, so it sparked the exchange of words.

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It finally ended in a fight as they stripped themselves apart and ripped off their clothes.

Watch the video below;

Prostitution in Nigeria is illegal in all Northern States that practice the Islamic penal code(Sharia) therefore, the penalty is death.

For Southern Nigeria, the activities of pimps or madams, underage prostitution, and the operation or ownership of brothels are penalized under sections 223, 224, and 225 of the Nigerian Criminal Code.

Even though Nigerian law does not legalize commercial sex work, it is vague if such work is performed by an independent individual who operates on his or her own accord without the use of pimps or a brothel.

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