Prophetess who claimed to have caught a witch in Gomoa arrested – Watch Video

– Preacher claims to have caught a witch during a midnight prayer
– Alleged witch transforms from a bird into a human
– Preacher orders water and the alleged witch speaks out
– Alleged witch claims to have been tasked to ruin someone’s life
– Preacher arrested by Ghana police for causing fear and panic

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The Arrest of the Preacher Who Claimed to Have Caught a Witch

In a surprising turn of events, the preacher who made headlines for allegedly catching a witch during a midnight prayer has been arrested by the Ghana Police Service. The news of this supposed witch’s capture spread like wildfire yesterday, as the preacher and her prayer warriors claimed to have witnessed an extraordinary transformation from bird to human.

According to the preacher, she was fervently praying with her dedicated prayer warriors when something caught her eye. A dark figure appeared, accompanied by an angel of the lord who guided her gaze in a specific direction. To her astonishment, she saw a bird, which then inexplicably transformed into a human being. This bizarre encounter left the preacher in awe and filled with a myriad of questions.

Undeterred by the mysterious nature of this encounter, the preacher approached the alleged witch and demanded answers. However, the supposed witch remained silent, as if bound by an unseen force. Determined to break through this unearthly silence, the preacher resorted to her faith and called upon the power of prayer.

With water in hand, the preacher fervently prayed over it, invoking divine intervention. As she poured the blessed water onto the alleged witch, a breakthrough occurred. The silent witch suddenly found her voice and spoke. She confessed that she had been sent on a mission to wreak havoc upon the life of an unsuspecting individual in that very neighborhood. However, the strength of the prayers had proven too formidable for her, leading to her eventual downfall.

Despite the preacher’s claims of divine intervention and her alleged capture of a witch, the Ghana Police Service has taken a stance against her actions. Citing concerns of fear and panic among the populace, the police arrested and detained the preacher. They fear that her statements about catching a witch could potentially destabilize the country.

In conclusion, the preacher’s arrest highlights the complexities surrounding claims of supernatural encounters. While some may find solace in the preacher’s account and commend her for her faith, the authorities have deemed it necessary to address the potential repercussions of such claims. As the preacher awaits further legal proceedings, the public remains divided, pondering the line between faith and the potential consequences of causing fear and panic.

Watch the video below:


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