Pastor Assaults A Woman During Live Stream Service - Video

Pastor Assaults A Woman During Live Stream Service – Video

Bishop Lamor Whitehead, Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches, was caught on camera assaulting a lady during his Sunday sermon.

It is not known what caused this specifically, but according to NYPD sources, TMZ An disagreement over someone recording Whitehead or the service escalated into an alleged violent altercation. This is consistent with a YouTube clip that shows the full sequence.

Someone yelling from the pulpit appears to interrupt Bishop Lamor Whitehead, who then instructs the crowd to allow her to record. which intensifies and ends with him calling her up.

He invites the lady to get up and deliver the message for him before instructing the guests to thank Jesus in tongues.

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He takes her by the head and appears to push her out of frame as she eventually makes it to the altar.

As an apparent excuse for what he did, Bishop Whitehead orders someone to remove the woman from this area and claims he felt intimidated. Following that, he resumes the service as if nothing occurred.

Watch the video below;