Parents withdrew their children from my school after I took my children to the US – Kwaku Manu Reveals In New Video

– Kwaku Manu establishes a school in Santasi-Kumasi to give back to the community
– Residents start withdrawing their children from the school after discovering that Kwaku Manu had taken his own children to the United States
– Kwaku Manu explains that he took his children to the US for a vacation, but it sparked rumors and speculations in Santasi
– Rumors suggest that he used proceeds from the school to relocate his children
– Kwaku Manu defends his decision, stating that he built the school through his own hard work and can also provide for his children
– Outstanding debts owed by parents contribute to the closure of the school
– Kwaku Manu decides to stop operating the school due to the complicated situation

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In his bid to give back to the community, popular Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu, established a school in Santasi-Kumasi. However, he has unfortunately closed it down due to a series of events that unfolded.

Kwaku Manu, a well-known actor in the Kumawood industry, had always been passionate about giving back to his community. With this intention in mind, he decided to establish the Kwaku Manu Educational Complex in Santasi-Kumasi. The school aimed to provide quality education to children in the area and create opportunities for their future.

However, trouble began when the residents of Santasi discovered that Kwaku Manu had taken his own children to the United States of America. This revelation led to a significant withdrawal of students from the school. Kwaku Manu was shocked by this sudden turn of events, as he had only taken his children abroad for a vacation.

The withdrawal of pupils had a profound impact on the school’s enrollment and overall operation. Rumors and speculations started circulating in Santasi, suggesting that Kwaku Manu had used the school’s funds to relocate his children to the US. These false impressions tarnished his reputation and created a negative perception among the community.

In defense of his decision, Kwaku Manu emphasized that he had built the school through his own hard work and dedication. He questioned whether he couldn’t also provide for his own children after all the effort he had put into establishing the educational complex. The accusations of misusing the school’s funds were baseless and unfair.

Furthermore, the situation was exacerbated by outstanding debts owed by some parents. Despite paying affordable school fees of 100 cedis and 50 cedis, some individuals failed to fulfill their financial obligations to the school. This added financial strain forced Kwaku Manu to make the difficult decision of closing down the school.

In an interview, Kwaku Manu expressed his exhaustion with the situation. He had hoped to make a positive impact on his community through the school, but the circumstances had become too complicated to continue its operation. It was a heartbreaking decision for him, but he believed it was the best course of action given the circumstances.

In conclusion, Kwaku Manu’s efforts to give back to the community through the establishment of a school in Santasi-Kumasi, unfortunately, came to an end. The withdrawal of students, fueled by false rumors and outstanding debts, led to the closure of the Kwaku Manu Educational Complex. Despite the setback, Kwaku Manu remains committed to making a difference in the lives of others and hopes to find new avenues to contribute to his community in the future.

Watch his video below;


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