Nigerian actor Deyemi Jams with Nacee’s ‘Aseda’ song (watch video)

Nigerian actor Deyemi Okanlawon recently showed off his impressive singing skills by flawlessly singing the song “Aseda” in Twi, produced by Nacee.

Deyemi’s heartfelt rendition of the song caught the attention of many, including the original artist himself. Nacee expressed his admiration for Deyemi’s performance on Twitter, stating that Deyemi “just got his Ghana card officially through #aseda.” This statement highlighted the actor’s ability to connect with the song on a profound level, making it an unofficial initiation into Ghanaian culture.

In the video shared online, Deyemi was seen driving in his car, wearing a vibrant red hoodie. With genuine passion and emotion, he poured his heart into the song, impressively singing every word with precision and soulful expression.

The actor’s remarkable vocal talent left netizens amazed, as he effortlessly showcased his range and ability to capture the essence of the song. Deyemi’s performance proves that he is not only a talented actor but also a gifted singer.

Deyemi Okanlawon’s impressive singing skills have earned him admiration from fans and fellow artists alike. His heartfelt rendition of “Aseda” showcases his ability to connect with music on a profound level and capture its essence with his soulful expression. We can’t wait to see what other talents Deyemi has in store for us!

Watch Video Below


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