Netizens blast Kuami Eugene for wearing a shirt and tie to his father’s 40-day observation – Video

Ghanaian artist Kuami Eugene was criticized for his odd clothes and pinned behavior at his late father’s 40-day observation.

The New Fadama Astro Turf Park event was designed to solemnly honor his father.

However, Kuami Eugene’s attire and casual demeanor have created a heated debate, raising questions about his cultural sensitivity.

Africans traditionally dress to match the importance of the occasion, especially during the 40-day observance.

This usually requires donning a cloth or kaftan and slippers.

However, Kuami Eugene’s black shirt, tie, and trousers defied these rules, sparking social media debate.

The Kuami Eugene clothing debate emphasizes the conflict between cultural preservation and modernity.

Intersections between traditional and modern values are becoming more widespread in Ghana and other African nations due to globalization and fashion trends.

Critics say Kuami Eugene should have followed cultural norms for such an event, which may be considered a reflection of this discussion.

Along with his costume, Kuami Eugene’s gum chewing during the 40-day observation has sparked social media controversy.

Many consider this rude and improper for a solemn event.

Critics say it showed disrespect for the ceremony and his father’s memory, but others say it was an innocent oversight.

Discussing Kuami Eugene’s activities on social media was heated. Users expressed displeasure, indignation, and confusion over his attire and actions on different sites.

The incident also raised awareness of cultural sensitivity, especially during funerals and observances.

The singer’s supporters say everyone has the right to express themselves and make personal choices, especially in sad times.

Cultural norms change with time, as they noted. However, the pushback demonstrates that tradition-keeping expectations remain high, especially during such events.

Watch the video below;

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