Netizens blast Broke Diamond Appiah for Writing A Book on How to Become A Millionaire

Diamond Appiah, Ghana’s self-made female entrepreneur, and real estate investor has launched her first book, titled ‘The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire,’ and it appears that Ghanaians are not taking it lightly.

During her address, Diamond Appiah stated that the book was created to educate readers on legitimate approaches and simple money-making tips.

She stated in the video that she spent her time writing the book in order to assist others in achieving financial independence.

Although not much information was provided about where the book is available, Diamond refers all inquiries about the book’s availability and pricing to a special WhatsApp number.

Ghanaians, on the other hand, have swooped on the boss chick for allegedly elevating her alleged lie.

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They debated how she acquired the expertise necessary to produce a book on the Secrets to becoming a billionaire when the country has yet to recognize her in those circles.

“These novels should be written by Despite, Kwaku Oteng, Kenpong, and Freedom Cheddar,” one social media user said.

Another said Diamond Appiah blocked her when she asked for a physical location where she can grab a copy which means the book is a scam.

Diamond Appiah is well-known on social media for her real estate firm and a long number of other ventures, yet none of them can be vouchsafed in reality.

She is a wealthy lady who lavishly spends and generously contributes, yet her opponents consistently produce proof that she is faking her lifestyle.