NCA Boss And Ursula Owusu Is Highly Incompetent For Plotting Against MTN – MOG Music Drops Secrets

MOG Music, a Gospel musician, and pastor, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the telecommunication networks in Ghana. He received a call from an MTN Ghana worker who told him something that shocked him.

MOG Music took to Twitter to express his frustration. He called out the boss of the National Communication Authority (NCA) for being incompetent if what the MTN Ghana worker told him was true. He also criticized the use of taxpayers’ money to pay for services that are not up to par.

Some people criticized MOG Music for his comments, but he defended himself by saying that he was only speaking the truth and that only hypocrites and pessimists would disagree with him.

He also clarified that he was only speaking from his own experience and could not speak for customers of other networks.

Read the full tweet below

“I have received a call from someone who works at @MTNGhana and if what this person told me is true then I think the BOSS at @NCAGhana is highly incompetent.

“Has @NCAGhana ever contributed to the marketing department of @MTNGhana ? Why do you now tell them to increase their prices so some customers can leave to join the other networks. Why did you ask them to cancel the zone bundle that helped the poor and students?

“The whole team who sat down to make this decision is highly incompetent. What stopped @VodafoneGhana and @airteltigoghana from upgrading their marketing team and skill to match up the marketing of @MTNGhana

“Based on what they marketed we bought in and now we the citizens have to suffer at the hands of an incompetent @NCAGhana BOSS and team? Please review all the policies @UrsulaOwusuu1 you are one of the problems of our country

“If you have an issue with @MTNGhana don’t take out on the innocent citizens @NAkufoAddo with the greatest respect I think the best place this woman and her incompetent team has to be is the Agriculture ministry

“Bad and ugly leadership at @NCAGhana”


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