My wife’s younger sister is blackmailing me after I slept with her twice – Young man cries out

A married man from Nigeria has found himself entangled in a complicated and distressing situation after engaging in an affair with his wife’s younger sister. Seeking guidance, the man took to social media to anonymously disclose his infidelity and the subsequent threats he now faces.

According to the man’s account, he had succumbed to his desires on two occasions, engaging in intimate encounters with his sister-in-law. Initially, he enjoyed these liaisons; however, he now deeply regrets his actions as she is using their secret as leverage against him. She demands that he open a salon for her in exchange for her silence.

The man claims that these encounters were accidental and blames the devil for leading him astray. Despite his transgressions, he speaks highly of his wife, describing her as a “good woman” whom he cannot bear to lose. He fears that his sister-in-law’s threats may jeopardize their marriage, leaving him at a loss for what to do.

This man’s plea for advice highlights the complex and morally challenging situation he finds himself in. As he grapples with the consequences of his actions, he seeks a resolution that will salvage his marriage and rectify the damage caused by his infidelity.

Below is his post;

married man sleeps with wifes younger sister


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