“My Vag!na almost caught fire today”- Lady narrates how she almost died.

a lady on Twitter has narrates how she almost died using her vibrator for sexual gratification.

The lady who disclosed she wanted to try the vibrator at highest setting said it started smoking and making alot of sound.

she tweeted.

So my vagina almost caught fire today

Home alone so i decided to use my vib on the highest and most violent setting for the first time. I never crank it high cos

  1. Its super loud
  2. It vibrates so hard that in the event that it doesnt rip my clit to shreds, im unable to hold on to it when things get slippery
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Today i was like fuck it, lets see the worst that can happen. If we die, we die noni. I was enjoying myself then i started feeling heat on my fingers but i was like “nah its the friction from the vibration..” then i started smelling a combination of burning tyre and u know how..

(contd.) how on sallah day when they are burning the hair off the ram? Yes that was my coochie hair being singed. The vibrator imploded, started melting from the inside and tried to barbeque my hooha. I flung it and ran to the bathroom to tamba

Aliexpress eshay oh. Made in China.

My biggest fear is dying from a sex related accident or having a sex toy stuck in me which is why i dont trust dildos. Today my life flashed before my eyes. Imagine them finding my dead body with barbequed vagina. I’ve learned to appreciate my own fingers.

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