"My husband's d*ck is as soft as rag"- Pastor's wife says as she seeks divorce (video)

“My husband’s d*ck is as soft as rag”- Pastor’s wife says as she seeks divorce (video)

A woman claiming to be a pastor’s wife (Osofo Maame) entered the Movement TV studios to share her ordeal. Her husband’s THING, she claims, is as soft as a rag dipped in water. As a result, she is dissatisfied with the mission house and has since left it. She went on to say that she wants to feel like a woman. Her husband, on the other hand, makes her feel otherwise.

” I’ve come out for the public to know that Pastors too have problems. He has fasted and prayed for years. We’ve been to herbal hospitals and traditionalists but to no avail. I’m currently tired. Due to that I’ve left him. Yes because I’m a woman. I need to feel good in my body. More importantly I must give birth. How can that wet rag perform?” The Osofo Maame dramatically explained.

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