"My blood brother broke my virginity"- lady confesses

“My blood brother broke my virginity”- lady confesses

A strange anecdote that was posted online by a young lady has become the foundation for a severe uproar on various social media platforms.

In a letter asking for help, the anonymous woman said that she had been having an affair with her blood brother for the past 11 years.

Detailing what transpired for them to engage in the incestious act, the 26-year-old lady said that she and her brother were taking a shower together 11 years ago when she realized she’d forgotten her towel.

When her brother walked into the bathroom and saw her sister naked, he went straight for her and they made love right away. They started dating after that and had sex whenever the opportunity presents him or herself.

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Their relationship flourished until her parents began putting pressure on her brother to get married and the brother introduced another lady to the family waiting to get married.

Because she can’t stand to see her brother marry another woman, she has gone completely insane and threatens get pregnant for his brother to win him back.

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"My blood brother broke my virginity"- lady confesses