Wendy Shay proved Ghanaians wrong three times with her no-makeup looks.(Photos)

Wendy Shay is a beautiful female Ghanaian star who is adored by all Ghanaians for her talent and friendliness. Some Ghanaians, however, believe Wendy Shay, whose true name is Wendy Addo, is not attractive when she is not wearing make-up.

Some Ghanaians agree with the remark, while others disagree. Wendy Shay has demonstrated that she can look gorgeous even without make-up. 

Wendy Shay is a talented Ghanaian artist who works for Ruff Town Records. She rose to prominence with the release of her debut hit, “Uber Driver.” She began working with Ruff Town Records a few months after Ebony Reigns died.

 Wendy Shay began working with Ruff Town Records not long after the death of Ebony Reigns.

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Wendy Shay has had an extremely successful singing career. She has a number of popular songs to her credit. Her big hits include “Heat,” “Break My Waist,” and “Uber Driver.”

The only issue is that some Ghanaians continue to say hurtful things about Wendy Shay. Some argue that Wendy Shay is only gorgeous when she wears make-up, but her exquisite no-make-up pictures show them wrong.

Pictures below: