Mother gives birth to her 3rd consecutive set of twins, bringing her total number of children to 6 from 3 pregnancies.

Jolene Mckee, 32, and her husband, Andrew, 33, from Brooklyn, New York, have had three consecutive sets of twins - taking their family to eight

A mother has had her third set of twins in five years.

Jolene Mckee, 32, and Andrew Mckee, 33, of Brooklyn, New York, have welcomed their third set of twins, Aiden and Jaiden, who are now three months old.

Having six children from three pregnancies has been a blessing, and since twins are all they know, she has felt more confident each time.

Twins: (L-R) Andrew and Abigail, with babies Aiden and Jaiden (center) and twin sisters Payton and Paige

Aiden and Jaiden are the newest additions to Jolene and Andrew’s family. They’re all fraternal twins.
A big family was never in Jolene’s plans.

‘I expected to have one or two kids.’

But having six babies from three pregnancies is a blessing.

‘I felt extremely happy that we have all three combinations, female twins, boy-girl twins, and now our boy twins.

‘It was perfect.

‘I experienced a miscarriage three months before I got pregnant with the eldest set of twins, Peyton and Paige.

‘I was terrified to go to the doctor for a scan after miscarrying.’

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I was panicking because they were taking so long and calling someone else in.

Then they said I was having twins. It blew my mind.

“It was lovely.”

Two years later, Jolene became pregnant again, this time with twins.

Four of the couple's children, (pictured L-R) Peyton with middle twins Andrew and Abigail, and twin sister Paige

She recalls getting a hint she was expecting twins again.
She says she was stunned when the news was confirmed, as did her husband.

‘All of my pregnancies went pretty smoothly, but being pregnant and an active mother was completely different the second and third times,’ Jolene noted.

‘But I had to push on.

‘Having Abigail and Andrew was difficult after Abigail and Andrew.

‘But since we only knew twins, it felt easier with each set.

‘We were prepared.

‘I was positive it couldn’t be twins after my third pregnancy.

‘I assumed it would be one baby.

‘We were stunned to learn it was the third set of twins.

‘The doctor was astounded as we.

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A woman had three sets of twins in 25 years, he added.

Jolene says she has so many sets of twins because she has a hyperactive uterus that causes her to drop two eggs at a time.

‘I just accepted that this is what was meant for me,’ Jolene remarked.

‘Even though they’re twins, they have distinct personalities and their own little pals.

‘I love seeing them grow and develop.

‘It makes me happy.

‘People can’t believe we have all the kids.

The fact that we are young makes them wonder how we can have so many.

Aiden and Jaiden (front) pictured with older siblings Abigail and Andrew.  Jolene says enforcing a good schedule is crucial to keeping organized with so many children

‘When we tell the story, they are stunned.

‘They are fascinated.

‘Keeping six kids organized and on a routine is difficult.

‘Keeping up with the laundry is also difficult.

‘I do six loads of laundry per week.

‘But the kids are all really close and kind.

‘I love our family and wouldn’t change it.’

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