“Most women are unhappy in their marriages because their parents forced them to marry rich men”

Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi, the host of the Weekend Morning Show, has recommended parents to quit forcing their daughters into the arms of wealthy men in the name of marriage.

Many marriages have failed, according to Asirifi, because people married for the wrong reasons.

He claims that some parents pressure their daughters to marry wealthy people, rather than because the daughters love their partners.

Such marriages, he claimed, do not continue because the other partners lose interest in the marriage when one of the partners loses his or her fortune or job.

He observed that whereas people used to marry persons of high character, undeniable riches, honesty, and holiness, today’s generation is influenced by wealth, beauty, and those who do not behave well.

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According to him, marrying a petty merchant with a good character is preferable to marrying someone with wealth who lacks respect and is wicked.

He went on to say that societal pressure is also pushing many people into harsh and awful relationships.

Several people, he claims, have been pressured into weddings only to find out their partners are criminals, social miscreants, or people with unfavorable attitudes, some of whom have caused crises, including death.

He also remarked that it is a recipe for catastrophe if expectations are not realized based on what the spouses thought before the marriage.

He explained that this usually takes the form of whining, accusing, criticizing, nagging, and threatening.

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”They are parents asking their daughters to marry bank managers, soldiers, journalists and people are wealthy although they don’t know the character of the people of how they make their money. They are only interested in their money and the profession. When you do that, the marriage will not last. It will soon collapse.

You can not marry someone based on their profession or fortune. If your partner loses these characteristics, you will lose interest in the marriage because the reason you agreed to marry them is gone. He decided that you should marry someone of indisputable character, someone who is holy, and someone who is suitable with you.

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