More details of the Chief who shot his Wife and killed himself in the US drops – Watch Video

In Columbus, Ohio, a tragic incident occurred where a chief shot his wife. Chantell Boateng, the niece of the deceased chief, recently spoke out about the aftermath of the incident.

Chantell Boateng spoke exclusively with GHPage TV on the Rash Hour Show with Host King Asu B. During the interview, she revealed some interesting details about the case.

Chantell shared that about a month before the incident, her uncle (the deceased Sumankwaahene) called his sister (Chantell’s mother) to complain about his marital issues. He was facing a series of challenges in his marriage and was feeling overwhelmed.

During the call, the deceased told his sister that he found something suspicious in his wife’s bag. Chantell revealed that it was a condom. Her uncle was worried about the condom because his wife was traveling to Ghana alone and it would have been of no use since he (the husband) would not be with her.

The husband suspected his wife of cheating, but when he complained to his sister, she told him to resort to prayer. She believed that God would intervene and make things perfect as they were before.

Watch the video below;


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