Massive Reactions react as Nana Agradaa gets arrested again for sharing naked photos (Video)

– Evangelist Mama Pat aka Nana Agradaa re-arrested after being discharged by the Accra Circuit court
– Arrested for broadcasting and sharing naked photos of Emmanuel Appiah on her TV channel
– Act goes against Cyber security act and the law of the land
– Complaint lodged by Pastor Emmanuel Appiah
– Nana Agradaa showed Emmanuel’s naked photos and made fun of him on her show
– Police investigations led to retrieval of the photos from Nana Agradaa

Evangelist Mama Pat re-arrested for sharing naked photos

Evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaa, has found herself back in police custody after being discharged by the Accra Circuit court. This time, she was apprehended for her involvement in broadcasting and sharing naked photos on her television channel. The act of sharing such explicit content goes against the Cyber security act and is a clear violation of the law of the land.

The arrest was made following a complaint lodged by Pastor Emmanuel Appiah. He had previously approached the police to report Nana Agradaa’s actions, revealing that she had taken his naked photos and shamelessly displayed them on her TV show. To make matters worse, she even ridiculed him during the show, which was streamed live on various social media platforms.

Taking the complaint seriously, the police launched an investigation into the case. Their relentless efforts eventually led to the retrieval of the photos from Nana Agradaa, providing concrete evidence to support the complaint made by Pastor Emmanuel Appiah.

Such actions cannot be tolerated in a society that upholds the principles of justice and respect for individuals. The Cyber security act is in place to protect citizens from online harassment and abuse. It is essential that the law is enforced in order to maintain a safe and secure digital environment for all.

In conclusion, the re-arrest of Evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaa, is a testament to the commitment of the Ghana Police Service in upholding the law and ensuring justice for individuals affected by cyber crimes. The retrieval of the photos serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, and that actions with malicious intent will not go unpunished. It is crucial that we continue to promote a culture of respect and safety in the digital world, where individuals can thrive without fear of exploitation or harm.


Watch the video below;


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