Manhunt for a husband who k!lled his 4 months pregnant wife for ritual.

A search has been begun in Nigeria for a man accused of killing his 4-month-old pregnant wife.

Nnanna Emeka, the suspect, is said to have slain his pregnant wife at their home in the Ugbele Mgbidi region of Imo State.

Man kills pregnant wife

According to eyewitnesses, Nnanna planned to take his wife out on a date to carry out his plan, but she declined.

Just three months after they married, Nnanna performed his heinous deed on Saturday, July 3rd, 2020.

“He wanted to take his wife out on a date, and then, probably take her somewhere and kill her. He would have come back to cook up stories to cover his track. But unfortunately for him, his wife refused to go out with him.

Just a few days before, she had told a friend that for the past week her husband’s character had changed, that she doesn’t understand him anymore. So, we believe that’s why she refused to go out with him.

However, after trying fruitlessly to get his wife to go out with him, he allegedly decided to murder her inside their apartment and take her corpse to the place where the ritual will be performed,” a witness recounted.


The guy is accused of hitting his wife in the face with a rod and then watching her bleed to death.

While carrying the body, he was challenged by neighbors who thought his activities were odd.

Nnanna, on the other hand, fled and is presently missing.

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