Man Who Stole Meek Mills’ iPhone Arrested For Stealing Doctor’s Phone At Madina

– Nuhu Sulley was arrested again for stealing a phone valued at GHS4,000.
– Previously granted bail for stealing Meek Mills’ phone.
– Brought before Adentan Circuit Court for stealing a medical officer’s phone.
– Accomplice named Junior to be charged with conspiracy to steal and steal.
– Sulley pleads not guilty.
– Bail granted with conditions.
– Sulley to reappear in court.
– Attorney General’s Department opposes bail, citing previous charges against Sulley.
– Police searching for Sulley’s accomplice.

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An individual, aged 33, who works as a scrap dealer and was previously granted bail in the amount of GHS50,000 by an Accra Circuit Court for stealing an iPhone belonging to an American rapper, has been apprehended once again for engaging in another phone theft.

Nuhu Sulley, notorious for his involvement in phone thefts, finds himself once again in the grips of the police. This time, he stands accused of stealing a phone belonging to a medical practitioner, valued at GHS4,000 in Madina. It was just five months ago when Sulley was granted bail for stealing Meek Mills’ cellular phone. Now, he faces charges brought before the Adentan Circuit Court for allegedly committing another phone theft.

According to reports, the incident occurred when the complainant was attempting to board a commercial vehicle from Madina to Oyibi. Sulley, accompanied by an accomplice known as Junior, is believed to have been involved in the theft. While Sulley has pleaded not guilty, Junior is set to face charges of conspiracy to steal and stealing.

During the court proceedings presided over by Mrs. Sedinam Awo Balokah, Sulley was granted bail in the amount of GHS 100,000. The bail conditions include three sureties, one of which must be justified. Sulley is expected to reappear in court on July 20, while the police continue their search for his accomplice.

However, an attorney from the Attorney General’s Department opposed the grant of bail to Sulley, highlighting his previous involvement in a similar case. It was Sulley who was previously charged with phone theft against American rapper Meek Mills during the Afro Nation concert last December at Independence Square. This raises concerns regarding Sulley’s repeated engagement in such criminal activities.

In conclusion, Nuhu Sulley’s arrest for another phone theft highlights the need for stricter measures to curb such crimes. It is imperative for the justice system to thoroughly investigate and prosecute individuals involved in these acts to protect the public and deter potential offenders.



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