Man curses phone vendor with eggs after he was scammed at Kumasi PZ – Video

– Ghanaian man scammed by mobile phone vendors in Kumasi
– Instead of reporting to the police, he decides to seek justice on his own
– Man resorts to invoking multiple deities using eggs
– Video of the incident goes viral on social media
– Disappointment expressed by social media users over ongoing scams

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Unnamed Ghanaian Man Seeks Justice with Eggs After Mobile Phone Scam

In a shocking turn of events, an unnamed Ghanaian man recently took matters into his own hands after being scammed by mobile phone vendors in Kumasi. Instead of relying on the authorities for justice, he resorted to invoking multiple deities using a rather unconventional method – fresh eggs.

According to reports, the man had visited PZ, a popular marketplace in the Ashanti Region, hoping to swap his old phone for a new one. However, to his dismay, the phone dealer he approached not only gave him a knockoff but also made off with his hard-earned money. This act of blatant thievery is unfortunately not uncommon, as many people in both Accra and Kumasi have fallen victim to similar scams perpetuated by mobile phone dealers.

Frustrated with the lack of effective recourse through the police, the man decided to take matters into his own hands and seek instant justice. He hurriedly made his way to the nearest shop and purchased fresh eggs. With anger and determination in his eyes, he began smashing the eggs to the ground while murmuring incantations, invoking the wrath of the gods upon the individual who had swindled him.

A video capturing this dramatic scene quickly went viral on social media, drawing the attention of onlookers and other phone dealers who were familiar with the scam. Despite their shocked reactions, the man remained unperturbed by the potential consequences of his curses, driven by a desperate need for justice.

This incident has once again highlighted the ongoing issue of scams and fraudulent activities in the mobile phone market. Social media users who came across the video expressed their disappointment and frustration, as these arm-twisting acts of trade continue to plague consumers.

In conclusion, the story of the unnamed Ghanaian man’s quest for justice with eggs serves as a stark reminder of the lengths people are forced to go to when traditional avenues fail them. It sheds light on the prevalence of scams in the mobile phone industry and the desperation felt by victims. As society evolves, it is imperative that authorities address these issues to protect consumers and restore faith in fair trade practices.

Watch the video below.


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