“i am addicted, i sold my wedding ring to buy drugs”- Married woman confesses

Maame, a married woman, has confessed to committing inconceivable things as a result of her drug addiction.

The mother-of-three stated that her drug addiction began in high school when her friends pushed her into ‘disco life,’ where she began using narcotics (weed and cocaine).

It went on for 15 years after she dropped out of school, became a mother, and married into a respectable household.

However, her marriage ended due to personal issues, causing her to sell her symbol of commitment (ring) to acquire drugs when she was at her lowest point.

“I traded my ring for money a while ago.” I’ve already spent it on drugs, and I haven’t even had the chance to go back for my ring. So let me just pretend it’s gone because it could have been melted down for other jewelry,” she explained.

She said that her drug addiction caused her to flee her house for a drug ghetto, that she was fired from her job, and that she lost the effectiveness of her heavenly gift to foretell.

“I have the capacity to see into the future, and when I tell people about it, they simply insult me.” They question how a ‘jokey’ like me can instruct someone how to spend their life. “Their actions are like scraping a new wound,” she lamented.

She also admitted that her family, including her 24-year-old first child, has done everything they could to assist her to overcome her addiction, but she always relapses out of fear of losing her health and mind.

She ascribed her drug addiction to spiritual influence, which she believes can only be overcome with patience and the support of loved ones.

She admitted that with enough sponsorship, she was willing to go through proper detox and treatment in order to reunite with her family.


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