Man cries after buying car $2000 in America but paid $5000 duty in Ghana (watch video)

Social media is abuzz with outrage over a Ghanaian man’s recent experience with exorbitant duty charges on imported goods in his home country.

In a viral video, he recounts the astronomical amount he had to pay to clear a car he purchased in the United States, shedding light on the unfair burden faced by Ghanaians living abroad who want to support their families back home.

Initially buying the car for $2,000, he was shocked to be asked for nearly $5,000 in duty fees upon arrival at the port in Ghana.

This incident left him disheartened and questioning the reasoning behind such high charges. He expressed his frustration over how these fees are often used to exploit Ghanaians abroad who want to contribute to their homeland’s development.

This issue of inflated duty charges has been a long-standing grievance, leading to concerns about transparency and fairness in the country’s importation processes. Sadly, this man’s experience is not unique, as many Ghanaians living abroad have encountered similar obstacles when trying to support their families or invest in their home country.

These exorbitant duty charges not only discourage people from contributing to Ghana’s development but also hinder trade and economic growth.

What further frustrates people is the perception that a significant portion of these fees ends up lining the pockets of corrupt officials at the port, instead of being used for the benefit of the nation.

Watch the video below.


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