Level 300 Student of UENR beaten to a pulp after being mistaken for a thief in the hostel – Watch Video

A level 300 student at the University of Energy and Natural Resources narrowly escaped a tragic fate thanks to the swift intervention of his friends. According to sources, the student, who was mistaken for a thief, was brutally beaten by fellow students during the school’s SRC week celebration.

Late at night, the victim and his friends were hanging around on campus when one of them needed to use the restroom. Since the hostel was far away, he ventured into the nearby bushes. Concerned after waiting for his return for several minutes, the victim and his friends decided to search for him.

They began by checking the hostel closest to the bush, thinking he might have sought refuge there or used their facilities out of fear. As the victim roamed the floors, he encountered a student who questioned his presence. After explaining his mission, the student offered to help locate their missing friend in his room.

However, upon entering the room, the student falsely accused the victim of being a thief and introduced him to his friends as such. Without giving him a chance to defend himself, they viciously attacked him with sticks and wires. The victim’s cries for help alerted his friends, who rushed to the scene and managed to save him from further harm.

The university has since issued a statement, confirming that the victim is indeed a level 300 student and refuting the claims of his involvement in theft. This unfortunate incident serves as a grave reminder of the consequences of mistaken identity and the importance of swift intervention to prevent further harm.

Watch the video below;


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