Lady uses her WASSCE exams money to take care of her mentally ill mother (Watch video)

Lady uses her WASSCE exams money to take care of her mentally ill mother (Watch video)

Your spine will tingle in shock as you read this account of how a well-known Tik Tok user used her exams money to stop her mother from going mad.

It only takes a small number of people to still go to any lengths to make sure that their loved ones are okay despite the circumstances at hand.

Videos of a woman with the handle @fav.franca (Favoured Franca) and her mentally ill mother have been posted on tik tok, if you’ve been active there.

One could tell in the viral videos that the lady visited her insane mother every day and showed her a lot of love and affection.

We all know what crazy people are capable of when they are close by, yet @fav.franca (Favoured Franca) disregards all the risks and stays close to her non-compos mentis mother, feeding her and conversing with her as if she were any other person.

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On the video-sharing app, her videos attracted a lot of attention and viewers. Her supporters lauded her, while those who disagreed with her vision slammed her for making her mother’s condition public on the internet.

The frequent checking up and other activities have been beneficial. Franca said she spent her WASSCE registration fees to care for her mother during an appearance with Adom TV in which she described how she was able to return her to normalcy.

In order to help the mother become sane again at the expense of her education, she utilized the money to pay for the hospital and other expenses.

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