Lady Slaps And Rejects Man who Proposed to Her with Brand New Car - Video

Lady Slaps And Rejects Man who Proposed to Her with Brand New Car – Video

A woman in Nigeria has taken the internet by storm after publicly rejecting the marriage proposal made by her boyfriend.

The wealthy young man bought a shiny new white car to show his love for the beautiful young woman he had been dating for a month.

He proposed to her in the video, in which he got down on one knee, held out the ring, and begged her to say yes.

Even though eyewitnesses told the woman she should accept the offer, she refused to say yes when asked if she would.

The woman became frustrated when her repeated requests for him to stand were ignored, so she smacked him and stormed out of the room in a huff. She stated that they had only been dating for a month.

watch the video below:

Social media reactions

@toria_omar said:

“With the level of insecurity in this country + one month relationship? Haba it’s suspicious. Her type of lady is rare, omo I support her decision.”

@abbywizzy20 wrote:

“Na she wear the shoe so na she know wetin she dey talk. Sometimes it’s not only about the money.”

@anicuter2 stated:

“How you go start to Dey date guy for just a month and you expect her to accept your proposal.”

@movilla25 stated:

“U n her can do small dinner in your house. Or at a very cool place. Then u proposal. They only do that a places full of people n dey got graced.”

@_ala_ere said:

“Guys need to know that before u propose to girl you guys might have talked about future together to know if she’s interested or not.”

@sweetwind8 commented:

“See I think she knows what’s the best for her, for her to refuse a proposal with a car men trust me there’s something wrong somewhere.”

@blackyblaz10 added:

“For 1 month relationship,make una nor blame the girl.”