Lady begs church members to delete her [email protected] video from their phones after mistakenly posting it in church group

A lady is in a lot of trouble after accidentally sending an unapproved film to her church’s WhatsApp group.

From a chart available to, the unidentified lady has subsequently pleaded with the group members to erase the video, claiming that it was not her intention.

When the video was shared with the group, the members were shocked since they could not imagine one of their own had been watching pornographic videos.

Many people were perplexed as to how she could have such impure stuff on her phone in the first place, given that she was a devout Christian who should be moral in all she did.

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Just after some seconds, she quickly returned to apologize and plead with the group’s and members’ consciences to get the video removed from their phones.

It is unclear whether the members will get the video deleted or not.

she wrote;

Good evening everyone, sorry if you’re seeing something like this. The person’s phone is at fault and mistakenly sent it here. As we are talking now, the person does not have access to the phone not to talk of WhatsApp or deleting it.

below are screenshots from the group:

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