He went to a priest before his death- Duncan Williams preaches on the death of a powerful man

Speaking today, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams said that man’s heart might be perverted at any time. This is because the human heart has its own wants, which may become a problem or a difficult barrier to overcome when they are questioned.

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Duncan Williams highlighted in a sermon delivered today that the typical man’s heart might be perverted by man or by God.

He claims that a man may persuade or pressure his fellow man to do something he does not want to do, just as God can turn man’s heart from bad to good if he uses his power.

Duncan Williams says he is constantly amazed by how many individuals, especially in the church, seek power and fortune from other sources.

The same persons who preach or advise on the need for change are frequently observed making actions that end or jeopardize their life.

He remarked, “Many years ago, I was told of the story of a very powerful man who was tested by God,” referring to an incident. He was stripped of his authority to put his faith to the test, but he could not stand it. He sought authority from another priest, which resulted in his death.

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Duncan Williams says that the man’s desire for power was not an issue because only God has power (referenced from the Bible)

But it was the instructions and things he was expected to take in and accomplish that took his life, and such stories have been heard or reported all across the world. Before his death, he went to a president instead of appealing to God, and that is a lesson that everyone should learn.

The archbishop’s impassioned comments were intended to empower Christians and help them maintain their faith.

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