"Kumchacha Sabotaged Me" – Diana Asamoah

“Kumchacha Sabotaged Me” – Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah has declared that the Prophet Kumchacha is a child in Christ. This comes after the religious leader made the remark that the former singer-turned-preacher was abnormal.

A few weeks ago, when Prophet Kumchacha went on UTV, he said that Evangelist Asamoah had depression, bipolar disorder, and dementia. The Prophet Kumchacha made this statement.

On Saturday, October 29, 2022, on UTV’s “United Showbiz” program, Diana Asamoah responded to the founder of Heaven’s Gate ministry.

Diana Asamoah’s answer showed that she didn’t care about what he said because she said that Jesus Christ was even called a wizard. In addition to this, she mentioned that Kumchacha is a baby in Christ

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She then went on to explain how Kumchacha had acted maliciously toward her in the past while she was employed at Rainbow Radio.

She said that the famous preacher went to the station’s management and told them that he was interested in buying airtime for her (Diana’s) show.

According to her account, Kumchacha conveyed to the management of the company that he was willing to purchase the airtime for whatever price. However, his persuasive words were not successful in changing their minds.