Kneel Down and Raise Your Hands: Good Wife Punishes Husband for Eating Outside (Video)

In the video that has warmed hearts on social media, a Nigerian man received a “sweet punishment” from his wife for not eating her food.

The lovely video showed the man on his knees with both hands in the air.

Why did you choose to eat outside?

With a hanger in hand, she hilariously questioned him about eating food outside despite having told him earlier that she planned to cook that evening.

During the ‘interrogation,’ the wife can be seen lightly tapping the hangar on her husband’s tummy.

The man, wearing a smile, attempted to defend himself, and both of them burst out laughing.

Watch the video below;

Netizens praised the couple’s interaction.

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“I would not do this. I can even go as far as buying you Andrew liver salt since you need space in that stomach fam.”


“Let God give us the bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh because normal marriage is supposed to be sweet.”


“Seen his eyes? Also remember to ask him what he drank. Meanwhile I enjoyed watching this.”


“If you can’t play in your marriage like this, I don’t see a reason for you getting married.”


If I cook for my hubby and you said you’re not eating, I would go into a fit of rage that would even light a fire in that house.”