King promise look alike twin surfaces online (video)

Many people have doublelangers all over the world and it is sometimes amazing finding two people who are not related looking just like each other.

Today, the unknown twin of singer king promise have been found.

He calls himself rebost and he is an artist himself.

Be made it clear that he is not related with king promise in any way.

” I am not related to king promise, and has never met him in person before even though, I listen to his songs.” Rebost disclosed.

He further added, ” As an artist also , I am not riding on king promise fame, but God made it happened and however, I am not the first or the last person to look like someone. I will be very happy to meet king promise in person and will be glad for him to help me breaks the chain of the underground artist by blessing him with a verse on a master piece.

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Watch the full interview Below