I’ve chopped many girls with the use of look-alike – Kuami Eugene’s Look-alike reveals In New Video (Watch)

– Rockstar Junior shares the positive side of resembling Kuami Eugene
– Rockstar Junior receives attention and proposals from females who mistake him for Kuami Eugene
– Some females go as far as buying things for Rockstar Junior to win his heart
– Rockstar Junior denies sleeping around but admits to having sexual encounters

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The Perks of Resembling Kuami Eugene: Rockstar Junior’s Story

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be mistaken for a famous celebrity? Well, Rockstar Junior, a member of the ‘4 Kings’ look-alike group, has shared his experience of resembling the popular Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene. In a recent interview on The Delay Show, Rockstar Junior opened up about the positive side of his mimicry.

Rockstar Junior, whose real name is Stephen, revealed that ever since he started impersonating Kuami Eugene, he has been receiving countless proposals from females. Despite his constant clarifications that he is not the real deal, these ladies remain undeterred. “The ladies have been pestering me,” Stephen confessed. “They think I’m Kuami Eugene. Even when I tell them I’m not, they refuse to back out. They pester me a lot. Some even go to the extent of buying shoes and apparel for me in their bid to win my heart.”

Curiosity piqued, the show’s host, Delay, dug deeper into Stephen’s personal life, particularly his encounters with women after gaining fame. “So, you’ve not even taken advantage of that to sleep with even one of them?” Delay inquired mischievously.

Stephen, caught off guard, pretended not to hear the question at first, causing laughter among his peers. But when pressed further, he finally responded, “I’ve not been sleeping with people,” he fumbled. Bursting into laughter himself, he added, “Well, maybe there’s been sexual intercourse. It’s different from promiscuity; I’ve not been sleeping with many people.”

As a proficient news writer, it’s fascinating to see the challenges and perks that come with resembling a celebrity. Rockstar Junior enjoys the attention and admiration from fans, but at the same time, he faces the constant confusion and expectations placed upon him. It’s a unique experience that requires him to navigate carefully, ensuring he remains true to himself while also appreciating the opportunities that come his way.

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