It is not wrong to have an abôrtîôn – Singer S3fa Claims

–  S3fa’s belief in a woman’s right to choose an abortion
– S3fa’s response to the criticism faced by Yvonne Nelson
– S3fa’s perspective on the prevalence of abortion in Ghana
– S3fa’s willingness to share her own experiences in a book
– S3fa’s stance on abortion rights and the need for understanding and empathy

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Ghanaian Singer S3fa Defends a Woman’s Right to Choose Abortion

In a recent statement, Ghanaian singer and songwriter, S3fa, has expressed her belief that every woman has the right to make the decision to abort a child if they so choose. This stance comes in light of the revelation made by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, who disclosed in her book that she had terminated a pregnancy she conceived with Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie. S3fa’s comments have sparked a conversation about the societal perception of abortion as a taboo topic.

S3fa has voiced her concern about the judgment and criticism faced by individuals who choose to undergo abortions. She argues that society should not condemn those who make such decisions, as they may have their own valid reasons. Referring to the backlash Yvonne Nelson faced, S3fa questions the righteousness of those who judge and condemn others for their choices, suggesting that they might have committed deeds far worse than abortion.

Drawing attention to the prevalence of abortions in Ghana, S3fa challenges the notion that this act is uncommon or morally repugnant. She highlights the number of people who have undergone abortions, indicating that it is a widespread occurrence in the country. By doing so, she aims to bring light to the reality that many women face when dealing with unwanted pregnancies.

In a surprising revelation, S3fa shares her willingness to disclose her own experiences with abortion in a future book. This bold move emphasizes her belief in the importance of openly discussing and understanding the complexities surrounding this sensitive subject. By sharing her personal stories, she hopes to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about abortion rights and challenge the stigmatization associated with it.

In conclusion, S3fa firmly stands by her belief that every woman should have the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. She calls for empathy, understanding, and acceptance of individual choices, reminding society that there is often more to a person’s story than meets the eye. By engaging in open conversations and shedding light on the prevalence of abortion, S3fa aims to break the silence surrounding this topic and foster a more compassionate society.


It is not wrong to have an abôrtîôn - Singer S3fa Claims


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