“It is better to marry a team player rather than a girl with high expectations.” – Samklef advises celebrities

Samklef, a popular Nigerian artist, has resorted to Twitter to educate single celebs on what to look for when picking a lifemate.

Before settling down to establish a family, a celebrity, according to the music producer, should consider things over properly.

"Marry a team player and not a girl with high expectation" – Samklef advises celebrities

According to him, celebrities should consider hard before marrying, and they should marry a team player rather than someone with high expectations.

In his own words,

“As a celebrity b4 u marry think twice o! It’s better u marry ur team player, person wey believe in ur dreams. If u mistakenly marry girl wey get high expectation and things no go as she think. Na toxic hell marriage u go find urself. U no go ever fit focus with ur dreams”.

Please see his post below.

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