If I get the license and money I’ll venture into marijuana farming – Yaw Tog reveals

– Young rapper Yaw Tog expresses interest in venturing into marijuana farming if he has the means.
– He mentions that marijuana has been approved for commercial and medicinal purposes.
– Yaw Tog believes that marijuana is not entirely bad and its perception varies among people.
– He intends to own a marijuana farm and export the product to address unemployment in Ghana.
– The Parliament has passed a bill allowing cannabis cultivation for industrial and medicinal purposes.

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Young Ghanaian Rapper Yaw Tog Shows Interest in Marijuana Farming

In an exclusive interview with BrytFM, popular Ghanaian rapper Yaw Tog has revealed his plans to venture into marijuana farming. The talented artist expressed his interest in starting a marijuana farm if he manages to secure the necessary funding and license. With the recent approval of cannabis for commercial and medicinal purposes, Yaw Tog sees this as a potential business opportunity.

“I would definitely consider it as a business venture if I have the means. Once I have the money, I will obtain the license and dive into it,” Yaw Tog confidently stated. He believes that marijuana is not entirely bad, emphasizing that people have different perceptions of the plant-based on how it is used.

Yaw Tog envisions not only owning a marijuana farm but also engaging in its exportation. He believes that this could contribute significantly to curbing the high unemployment rate in the country. By capitalizing on the recent changes in legislation, he aims to explore the potential of this industry and create employment opportunities for fellow Ghanaians.

This announcement comes in light of the recent passing of the Narcotics Control Commission Amendment Bill 2023 by the Ghanaian Parliament. This bill grants the Ministry of Interior the authority to issue licenses for cannabis cultivation, paving the way for the growth and development of the industry.

Watch his interview below;


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