I Will Never Stop Cheating On My Wife – Married Ghanaian Man Admits In Trending Video

– Ghanaian married man admits to cheating on his wife
– Man, known as Gala Man, opens up about his infidelity in a video on TikTok
– He reveals that he has multiple side chicks and has no plans of stopping
– Gala Man mentions that technology has made it easier to find mistresses
– Surprisingly, he claims that even his wife is aware of his infidelity
– The video has gained significant attention online, with many expressing shock and disbelief

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A video of a married man from Ghana confessing to his infidelity has caused quite a stir on the internet. In the video, which was shared on TikTok and later spotted by, the man, who goes by the name Gala Man, openly talks about his extramarital affairs.

Gala Man, a middle-aged individual, nonchalantly discusses his marriage life and proudly admits to having side chicks that he can always rely on. He attributes the ease of finding mistresses to advancements in technology. According to him, “The beautiful ones are not yet born, and as for me, I have no plans of stopping it. These days we use our phones to get women, so things are now very easy.”

What shocked netizens the most was Gala Man’s claim that even his wife is aware of his infidelity. This revelation left many people astonished, as it is not common for couples to openly accept such behavior within their relationship.

The video quickly gained popularity, garnering over 13,000 likes and 300 comments at the time of writing this report. The comments section was flooded with reactions from Ghanaians, expressing their disbelief and astonishment at Gala Man’s confession.

One user, PASTOR KUBI OFFICIAL, commented, “Youth of this generation are not lucky. It’s difficult to find people to advise us.” Another user, Ginababe, simply stated, “Your wife is watching,” implying that Gala Man’s actions may have consequences.

Augusta Elikem reacted, saying, “Fear men association,” highlighting the concern and fear that some women may have regarding infidelity within relationships. User4144744578343 added, “It’s just sad. Hmmm.”

In conclusion, the video of Gala Man openly admitting to cheating on his wife has sparked a significant reaction online. The shock and disbelief expressed by netizens emphasize the societal norms and expectations surrounding fidelity within marriages. It serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges faced by couples in maintaining trust and faithfulness in their relationships.

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