Efya finally confirms pregnancy rumors (screenshot)

Efya has been trending on the internet for the past several days when it was claimed that she was pregnant without 100% confirmation.

Although the singer has yet to publicly refute or confirm the rumors that she has taken seed, fans are keeping an eye on the mysterious statements she continues to share on her social media accounts.

Efya revealed a series of stunning birthday pictures earlier yesterday, and her tummy was flat, making it difficult to believe she’s pregnant, but it’s presumed she took the photos before conceiving.

In the middle of the speculation, Efya has revealed that she is expecting her first child in a fresh snapshot she uploaded on her Snapchat stories.

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Efya purposefully captured her expanding stomach to call attention to her pregnancy.

She doesn’t need to explain the caption she added to the photo, either.

“We are expecting,” she wrote

see the post below.