"I will be 92 years old before I die"- Nicholas Omane Acheampong

“I will be 92 years old before I die”- Nicholas Omane Acheampong

Nicholas Omane Acheampong has made a startling admission about his own death.

In a video , the veteran Ghanaian Gospel musician predicted his death.

Mr. Acheampong anticipates reaching the age of 92 before passing away.

The ‘Tabitha Kum’ singer also revealed that she will pass away on Wednesday afternoon.

He was optimistic about singing for God before he died.

While speaking to a congregation, Nicholas Omane Acheampong asked them to mark the date his statement was made.

The popular Gospel musician claims that if it hadn’t been for his Christian faith, his family would have mocked him.

He also stated that his family members are now reaping the benefits of his blessings.