“I was poor with no money so I came to Ghana, now I am rich”- Chinese CEO Yang

Yang Yang, the CEO of The Zonda Tech, a Chinese entrepreneur, has described how she came to Ghana as destitute as a church mouse and has now become the owner of one of the country’s largest assembly plants.

After a substandard tertiary education and no professional experience in China or anywhere else, Yang Yang made the decision to relocate to Ghana, where she has since become a wealthy and important person, according to her.

She expressed gratitude to Ghana, a West African country, for assisting her in escaping poverty, and she stated that she would not have amassed her money if she had chosen to live in another country.

“I always feel grateful to Ghana. I am a product of Ghana. I was so poor when I came to Ghana, I made my fortune here” Mrs. Yang said whilst adding that, she currently owns an assembling plant.

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“Before I came to Ghana, I never had any work experience in any other country, including China. Right after I graduated from the university, I came to Ghana.”

She further narrated that, “I was studying journalism in China then later I was also chosen to go to the US to do my internship then the two systems crashed; I felt lost, I didn’t know what to do and at that time, I felt my situation was the worst. I said OK, let me choose another country to stay in, then I came to Ghana.”

“When I came to Ghana, I quickly fell in love with this country… I was a poor student at that time, then when I came to Ghana, I said I need to find something that I can do because at that time I was a student, I just graduated and I was so poor. If you are poor, you are not afraid of anything. You are doing whatever you can to survive,” The Zonda Tech CEO said.

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“I was telling them my reality that I’m so poor but I have this idea that I can bring tankers to Ghana,” she said.

Mrs. Yang’s statement, made during the 2021 episode of the annual Investment Summit titled “Spark Up 2021,” challenges the belief that one must move outside of Ghana in order to be successful in one’s career.

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