"I want 5000 million cedis"- Lady demands money from pastor for impregnating her (watch video)

“I want 5000 million cedis”- Lady demands money from pastor for impregnating her (watch video)

A young lady, probably between the ages of 20 and 30, was caught on camera demanding money from a pastor who impregnated her, and many Ghanaians couldn’t stay silent after seeing the video. According to her, the pastor forced her to sleep with him, and she became pregnant as a result. This lady went to Oyerepa 100.7 FM with the baby, and based on the child’s facial expression, he could be between the ages of 1 and 4 years old.

The pastor was called on the phone to confirm what the young lady was saying in the studio, and the man of God confirmed what she said. The radio host inquired about the compensation she expects from the pastor. She also suggested that the pastor rent her a well-appointed room.

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Furthermore, she is requesting GH4,000.00 from the pastor. This prompted the radio host to return with the money she had mentioned. And this time, the lady requested that the pastor give her five thousand million (GH5000,000,000).

Some Ghanaians began laughing after seeing this video, claiming that the lady is unsure how much compensation she wants from the pastor. Others have stated that the presenter’s performance is subpar. This is what they do, and many men end up in prison as a result. Just because someone got you pregnant doesn’t mean you should blame them for all of your problems.