I made you popular – Ayisha Modi goes hard on Abass Sariki (Watch Video)

– Ayisha Modi and Abass Sariki’s friendship-turned-romantic relationship has ended on a sour note.
– Abass Sariki’s dismissal of marriage reports has led to subtle jabs between the two.
– Abass Sariki’s interview where he accuses Ayisha Modi of tarnishing his reputation and warns her to stay away.
– Ayisha Modi’s explosive reaction, claiming she made Abass Sariki popular

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Ayisha Modi and Abass Sariki, once close friends turned romantic partners, have sadly reached the end of their once-enviable relationship. What was a bond filled with love and admiration has now become a battleground of subtle jabs and public exchanges.

In a recent interview that has been making waves, Abass Sariki expressed his reluctance to address the ongoing issue. However, he felt compelled to speak up as he believes Ayisha Modi is determined to tarnish his hard-earned reputation and his marriage. With anger in his voice, Abass Sariki sternly warned Ayisha Modi to refrain from uttering his name if she wishes to avoid his wrath.

It did not take long for Ayisha Modi to catch wind of Abass Sariki’s warning. In a TikTok live interaction, she took the opportunity to respond fiercely. Ayisha proudly declared that it was she who catapulted Abass Sariki into the limelight, claiming that he was the least popular among all the men she had ever dated. Prior to their association, Abass Sariki was merely an unknown figure, labeled as notorious by the few who knew him.

Additionally, Ayisha revealed that her former best friend, Diamond Appiah, had warned her against pursuing a relationship with Abass Sariki, but she chose to disregard the advice.

The once-enviable friendship and romantic relationship between Ayisha Modi and Abass Sariki has sadly come to an end. What began as a dismissive statement from Abass Sariki about their alleged marriage has now escalated into a war of words filled with accusations and revelations. As they continue to throw subtle jabs at each other, it remains uncertain whether their broken bond can ever be mended.

Watch her video below;


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