'I love my boyfriend and want to marry him even though he is not mentally stable'- 19 years old girl reveal (video)

‘I love my boyfriend and want to marry him even though he is not mentally stable’- 19 years old girl reveal (video)

A young girl who is seeing a mad man declares that the two of them will get married no matter what because she adores him.

After their charming videos gained widespread attention on the internet, the lady known as Vivian has spoken out to the media.

In an interview with Ghpage, the young lady stated that she and her boyfriend began dating four years ago, when he was still sane, and that she has no intention of breaking up with him just because he has lost his mental capacity.

She claims that the guy first proposed to her when she was only 15 years old, and although she did not accept his proposal at the time, the guy continued to pursue her until she eventually agreed to date him.

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Vivian claims that when he was in his right mind, he did everything in his power to make the relationship a positive one for her by putting a smile on her face.

Everything was going well up until she paid him a visit at his house to give him food, at which point everything started to go horribly wrong.

After he told her he was experiencing severe heat in his head, she went to get some water for him, and then he attempted to hit her.

He bolted out of the house without warning, and she never saw or heard from him again.

Someone told her one day that he had been discovered in a psychotic state.

According to Vivian, she went and got him, then took him to the barbershop to get a fresh shave.

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Vivian, who is now 19 years old, has stated that she will never leave him and that she wants to marry and have children with him.

Watch the video below.