‘I know a lot of Real Estate owners, Most of Ghana’s celebrities are living in rented Houses’- Wode Maya

In an interview with Jessica OS, Ghana’s biggest Youtuber Wode Maya blasted Ghanaian celebrities for being fake and insincere.
Despite having millions of dollars, Wode Maya has always been seen leading a humble life and has advised others to be themselves and not be swayed by other people’s lives.

Many Ghanaian celebrities, according to Wode Maya, live their lives to impress others by spreading the narrative that they have made it in life.

Wode Maya described them as “ignorant celebrities,” noting that the majority of them cannot afford their lifestyles.

According to Wode Maya, who claims to know all of Ghana’s real estate investors, the bulk of Ghana’s celebrities live in leased houses.

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Wode Maya suggested that celebrities’ lives act as role models for many young people, and that by revealing their sources of income, they can make people aspire to be like them.

Check out the video below:

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