“I knew Menzgold was a scam, right from the start” – M.anifest

Rapper M.anifest has finally thrown his voice to the town’s uproar over the now-defunct gold dealership enterprise, Menzgold Ghana Limited.

According to M.anifest, it was quite easy to discern that the firm was a Ponzi scam, as evidenced by its bankruptcy in 2018.

“I figured out what that object was; it wasn’t rocket science… Ghana may be a terrible country, but everyone is always seeking a break, a simple break, anything to transform their entire fate. “I think there’s sometimes a necessity for people to believe in things they shouldn’t believe in, ” the rapper told ‘One on One’ anchor Bridget Otoo.

M.anifest said that he does due diligence on every piece of information in his life, and for that reason, he would never have put his money in Menzgold.

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I was not going to be involved in a scenario like that under any circumstances.”

I do my due diligence on everything,” he stated. Yesterday, I received an email from someone expressing all of those things because they want something from you, therefore you must complete your homework. A lot of content is overlooked and ends up in spam.