Beggar Gets Angry After Man Offered Him 4 Cedis Instead of 5, Says It's Not Enough - Watch Video

Beggar Gets Angry After Man Offered Him 4 Cedis Instead of 5, Says It’s Not Enough – Watch Video

A video of a middle-aged Ghanaian man’s surprising response after a nice gentleman offered him some money has gone popular on TikTok.

The guy who had sought money from the gentleman was handed four one-cedis coins in the video that is generating a sensation on the TikTok account @last killer22.

But, it turned out that he was anticipating five coins instead, which irritated him when he learned it was not up to the amount he expected.

Without hesitation, the guy sought an extra one cedi, claiming that the sum handed to him was insufficient.

With a furious expression on his face, he said:

“Even the Bible says whatever you’re doing, you should make sure you finish it; you cannot give me this without making it complete.

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Watch the video below;

@last_killer22 Aka Baako 😂😂😂#viral #ghanatiktokers🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 #ghanafuodotcom #kindly #valsday ♬ original sound – LasT_killEr

tonytenor123 said:

The guy be too much.. He makes me remember some Snr men in my hometown.

YOUNG-GM mentioned:

In Ghana the money we going to spend at the hospital we use it for data

sticky228 indicated:

He’s serious man.. you need to ask for more in this life

Vice Hub indicated:

this year 3y3 wode3 koraa a y3 de vim b3gye fa 5 no ka ho ma senior man no