‘I Have given birth to four intelligent Ewe girls’ – Kennedy Agyapong boasts over anti-Ewe tag in new video

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, who is running for the New Patriotic Party, has denied accusations of being anti-Ewe.

He spoke to delegates of the party in the Hohoe Constituency on June 11, 2023, and revealed that he has a strong connection with the people of the Volta Region and the Ewe tribe.

Contrary to claims that he is anti-Ewe, Kennedy Agyapong stated that his wife is from Adidome, which is in the Volta Region. He also mentioned that he has given birth to four beautiful and intelligent girls who have attended the best universities in the world.

He denied the allegations of inciting violence against Ewes and said that he would never say such a thing when his wife is a Voltarian.

Kennedy Agyapong recalled an incident where his youngest daughter swept all the awards in her school and was given the scholarship to attend Yale University.

He mentioned that a white lady sitting next to his wife told her that she would have to excuse her for wanting to have one child with her husband because of their daughter’s achievements. He also said that all his children believe and accept that Ewe girls are smarter than all of them.

The Volta Region is predominantly populated by people of the Ewe tribe and is the stronghold of the opposition National Democratic Congress. Kennedy Agyapong’s strong connection with the Ewe tribe and his family’s achievements show that he is not anti-Ewe.

Watch his video below


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